Antenna Magus Professional 2018.2 V8.2.0 Crack Patch Free Download

Antenna Magus Professional 2018 v8.0.0 Crack Patch Free Download

Antenna Magus Crack is a real program to help speed the excellent antenna design up and process that is modeling. Antenna Magus 2018 increases efficiency by assisting the engineer in creating a much more range that is informed of the element, supplying a design that is beginning is excellent.

Antenna Magus Professional 2018.2 V8.2.0 Crack Patch Free Download

Validated antenna models may be exported to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® from an antenna that is huge which means that that the engineer can get to your customization phase of an antenna design quickly and reliably.

Antenna Magus 2018.2 Database and picking out the antenna for layout. Then we proceed through the procedure of designing the antenna model based on specific design specifications utilizing the design choices provided. Antenna Magus is used to gauging the performance of this model and assess how tweaking layouts impact the antenna’s operation. A strong characteristic of Antenna Magus 2018 is that the capacity to export ready-to-run parameterized antenna versions to various top commercial, full wave bundles.

Following the prototypes have been designed, we examine how they may be exported to those bundles. Antenna Magus has altered this very first measure in the antenna layout procedure by broadening the reach of available antennas that could be considered during the first period of design. Let us look at a typical situation in which an antenna engineer or consultant should look for an antenna for a particular system or program. Antenna Magus, these could be customized for various frequencies or different substrates, and parametric models may be immediately made for 3D simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE.


  • Huge searchable database of antennas That’s continually growing;
  • The database is frequently upgraded with fresh antennas so that consumers can be assured that a wide Variety of antennas are thought;
  • A quick overview in addition to detailed info about every and every antenna.


  • Antennas are made to fulfill user requirements
  • Thoroughly tested design calculations guarantee that consequent designs meet specific criteria;
  • Proportional 3D preview graphics and easy 2D layout drawings of every designed antenna help identify production challenges. Estimate Performance
  • Predict operation of engineered antennas
  • Applicable performance charts are exhibited, e.g.
  • Make Little adjustments to physical measurements and re-analyze to find out about the connection between physical measurements and antenna functionality


  • Easily compare performance outcomes of different adjusted layouts on a single chart.
  • Quickly and immediately create FEKO versions of your designs
  • FEKO versions have been verified and therefore are”ready-to-run.”
  • Various helpful export options, utilizing the newest, most effective simulation techniques in FEKO.


Key Features:

  • Antenna Magus Download Latest has demonstrated to be a help that is priceless antenna design engineers and whoever requires antenna models for antenna placement and electromagnetic interference studies.
  • Antenna Magus includes over 300 antennas, together with the workflow that is specification-based in 2018 licenses users to locate, export and design antennas which are suitable for their needs.
  • The latest 2018 version introduces 13 kinds, and this can be new.
  • Four horn that is specialized have been added the spline that is the smooth horn that is pyramidal the four waveguide-fed second polarized pyramidal horn antenna, the waveguide-fed pyramidal array and also the TEM horn with magnetic dipoles
  • Additionally, you can commonly find five antennas found in RF application notes and reference designs.
  • These are typically conventional antennas such the PIFA as well as the meandering monopole,
  •  RF component manufacturers for evaluation during product development.

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What’s New?

  • These happen to be able to be customized for various frequencies or substrates which are diverse, and models that are parametric come to be directly created for 3D simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE with Antenna Magus.
  • Finally, there are four other antennas for individual applications:
  • The square capacitively that is truncated pin-fed patch that is circularly is polarized the self-phased backfire quadripolar helix, the six mode loop antenna while the center-fed linear resonant waveguide slot array with longitudinal broad-wall slots.

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