Multi Commander 11.5.0 Build 2338 Download Windows 32/64 Bits FREE

Multi Commander 11.5.0 Build 2338 is a multi-tabbed file and may be an alternative to the mainstream Explorer Windows.

Multi Commander 11.5.0 Build 2338 Download Windows 32/64 Bits FREE

Multi Commander 11.5.0 Build 2338 Download Windows 32/64 Bits FREE

It has everything you will need to work daily to improve your effectiveness and speed.

Multi Commander Crack 11.5.0 Build 2338 Beta 2022

This has every one of the features which can be standard any file manager has, like content, move, rename, view. But Multi Commander’s critical skills would be the special features that permit you to accomplish tasks that are exceptional ease. For example, tasks such as Auto-unpacking, Auto-sorting, Browsing inside archives, Editing the Windows Registry, and FTP that access and view files and pictures.

Furthermore, there is beneficial, integrated help that is scripting offers you automate many tasks and expand its functionality. It gives you doing anything with the keyboard shortcuts, which could be using that you can effortlessly work quickly and.

The unit worked efficiently in our tests and consumed a low CPU, so it did not hamper the general performance of the computer. In addition, it offers help that is complete and clarifies all factors. Finally, although Multi Commander is not oriented toward novices, experienced users should be thrilled by the variety of tools this file manager distributes.

Multi Commander 11.5.0 Build 2338 Download Windows 32/64 Bits FREE

Key Features:

  • Browse with ease.
  • Take ownership of files.
  • Dual-pane tabbed user interface.
  • Work with numerous folders open.
  • Active and search that is the file is versatile.
  • Change and view file permissions.
  • Caching that file that enables that is fast.
  • Show files in Detailed, List, or Thumbnail modes.
  • Easily handle data with numerous a large number of records.
  • Use filters that are a reasonable restriction that you would want to see.
  • Personalize layout and colors to match your styling requirements.
  • A powerful script motor was helping you to produce scripts to automate tasks.
  • History work with all tasks that devote some right time to perform
  • helping you to carry on working without disruption.
  • Fast Operation. Make use of the mouse and drag & drop.
  • I take advantage of a keyboard that is fast for all tasks.
  • Keep in mind your selections once you get back from searching for another location in the filesystem.
  • File Operation plug-ins will automatically sort or unpack files every time they’ve been moved or copied.
  • MultiRename device for the renaming and fast that is safe for records/Folders: rule-based and supports Undo
  • The file viewer lets you view files of any size with just minimal memory usage.
  • View as ASCII/Unicode/UTF8/Binary and Hex.
  • Browse system servers and shares


  • FTP is regarded as a filesystem that is virtual with SSL/TLS support).
  • Open API for developers (SDK) to create extensions and plug-ins.
  • Audio tools to see the file’s sound, view, and edit MP3 Tags.
  • Extensions and plug-ins that increase the functionality of Multi Commander
  • Internal picture audience for Jpg, Gif, Png, Bmp, Tiff, and many RAW platforms
  • Photo tools to convert/rotate images, view/remove EXIF tags, adjust EXIF Date.
  • Show Movie information from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes as additional columns on your film files.

Multi Commander 11.5.0 Build 2338 Download Windows 32/64 Bits FREE

Additionally, for the ultimate geeks, you’ll be able to modify the methods that are read/written and also set to keep broken/unfinished files. Accessing the windows registry appropriate within the manager and instant Control Panel access is just a cute, neat feature. Moreover, Audio that’s confident that helpful and photo tools can also be available.

What’s New?

  • It was changed precisely how the tab is drawn.
  • Thumbnail List mode now supports Vertical scrolling (Up-Down)
  • Explorer Panel features a brand new view is experimental ‘Thumbnail Detail.’
  • FSFavorite Plugin which allows browsing of a favorite as a filesystem that is electronic
  • Now possible to select what stretched unit things should be shown in the device dropdown list.
  • It is fast too.
  • And it’s free! – Unbelievable.
  • I can see your community and choose it.
  • Plenty of alternatives and plenty that is complete in your files
  • Selecting between Command design, Windows-style, or Custom is possible.
  • This manager is the first to have experienced who has this particular feature.

System Requirements:

  • Minimal Hardware: 32bit CPU with SSE2 support
  • Screen Resolution: a resolution that is the least is preferred
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, both 32bit and 64bit

Maybe not all features are available on all operating systems, which can be operating. Therefore, XP support shall be restricted without any elements which are now being offered.

How to Install?

  • From another location, make particular if you install it, which you trust that source: you won’t ever know if somebody has manipulated the package.
  • This is very important due to the portable version. The package is a .zip.
  • Never install the version that is portable for another supply.
  • Full Installer (.exe)
  • The driver that is complete referred to as MultiCommander_x64_([version]).exe Or[version] that is.exe that is multiCommander_win32
  • You shall be supplied two choices at the start of the installation: Single User or All users. 

Multi Commander Download Now:

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